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Understanding Relief Society

I am reading Ensign articles as a goal in Celestial University, and yesterday I read “What I Hope My Granddaughters (and Grandsons) Will Understand about Relief Society” by Julie B. Beck. She gave this talk during the Relief Society General Meeting last month. I remember feeling really strong about her words, especially since I had just finished studying the book, “Daughters in My Kingdom“, which she references. I love Relief Society and I am so proud to be a part of such an amazing group of women who live to serve and love others.

The first idea that I get from this talk is that as a member of the Relief Society, I have a place of safety, refuge, and protection that I can always turn to. When I am in times of need, I know that I can turn to the Relief Society and its members to find the help I am wanting. Right along with that, is my part, which is that I need to be willing to help make that place for others. I have the duty and should have a desire to be there for others. I have been blessed with talents, time, and the ability to love others. I can use these blessings to help those around me. In serving others, I will most likely find peace in my own life as well.

The second idea, is the importance of doing my visiting teaching the way God intends for me to do it. Visiting teaching is a program designed to make sure there is love, fellowship, teaching and ministering among women. Often times this program becomes more about the numbers than about truly ministering to others. It is more important to be a friend and teacher of gospel principles, than to give a monthly message and leave it at that. It is more important to recognize the needs of others and their families, than to mark off their name on a list each month. I have seen some great examples of women who have made visiting teaching an way to become friends and truly serve others and I hope to become more like them. This type of discipleship will draw us so much closer to God, because it is the way that Christ were to minister if He were here right now. I want to become a better disciple of the Savior, Jesus Christ, and visiting teaching gives me a perfect opportunity to learn how.

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