Remembering Our Covenants

I heard a comment this week, which has had me pondering the last couple of days. I love those times when you hear something you’ve heard or read before, and then this time it makes you look at things differently. It may not even be that I haven’t thought of it this way before, but it means something different in my life today. In Sunday school, we were learning the instructions and commandments given to the early saints of the LDS church, who were about to make the trek across the midwest to the Salt Lake Valley in about 1846. Revelation given to the saints can be found in Doctrine and Covenants section 136. Our class read verse 21, which reads, “Keep yourselves from evil to take the name of the Lord in vain, for I am the Lord your God, even the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham and of Isaac and of Jacob.” We, as a class, were asked what this meant for the saints. Normally when I think of the commandment not to take the name of the Lord in vain, I think of keeping my speech clean. It is in fact evil to profane the name of the Lord, but this commandments came along with a reminder that the God of the latter-day saints is the same God of the ancient Israelites. There was more to it then telling the Saints to reverence the name of the Lord. A comment was made related to making and keeping covenants with the Lord. This is where my mind has been focused.

When we make covenants, we swear an oath, or make a promise, with our Father in Heaven. This commandment was a reminder to the Saints, that they should not make covenants with God in vain. We should not make covenants in vain either. He must hold us to those things. If we make covenants carelessly, or without full intent to obey His commandments, we bring destruction to our souls. God does not want us to fail. He wants us to make covenants when we are ready and willing to take on the responsibility that comes with them. This is why a child without understanding cannot be expected to make the covenants of baptism until the age of eight. Moreover, there is great, eternal power in keeping the covenants we make. A power which cannot be matched by any power on this earth. The saints needed that power in order to make it to their promised land, just as the Israelites needed it anciently. We too are walking through a wilderness today and we need that power with us as well. If we wish to have the power and Spirit of God with us every step of the way, we must keep our covenants.

This is food for thought. What a difference this understanding of the commandment makes in the scriptures I have studied before. I plan on reviewing the many times this commandment was given, such as when it was given as part of the ten commandments. I think that this will give deeper meaning, then it has to me before. I must remember to keep myself from evil, so that I can keep my covenants with the Lord and refrain from taking His name in vain. Then I will be prepared to receive all the blessings of our fathers, even Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


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