Applying the Atonement


I attended a great class last night for Relief Society. It was a class on the atonement and the application of it. I had one of those aha moments as I shared a comment. (Don’t you just love when you learn something as you muster the courage to answer a question? Faith in action.) I have been praying a lot to know how to apply the Savior’s atonement in my life when I’m not struggling with some major difficulty that forces me to my knees. It can be hard recognize it when life seems to be going pretty well. I found an answer through this class, which I think will help me a lot.

We discussed what the atonement is to each of us and the specifics of the sacrifice the Savior has given for us. The speaker shared a story of how the sacrifice of the atonement is like a priceless heirloom blanket he received as a child. After the story, he asked us how we can pass the atonement along the way the blanket was passed along to him. Thoughts were shared on using it in our lives and then teaching others, like our children. I followed that up with the idea that we can pass it along by doing what is done for us. If we feel the forgiveness of the atonement in our lives, we then in turn are more forgiving of others. When we feel the peace of the atonement, we know better how to help bring peace to those around us. Part of the application of the atonement in our lives, is how we become the instruments of the Lord. We become the answer to another’s prayers. It’s a cycle. For example, we may seek for comfort from the Lord in a time of need. He gives us that comfort in many ways, including the kindness of those around us. Then we turn around and respond to the inspiration and promptings to comfort another, who may also be seeking the comfort from the Lord. We become part of the answer to their prayer or their need, and pass the blessings of the atonement on to them. We are His hands. We can be given great power through the atonement to help others around us, even when we may be struggling. This is when we can make the atonement part of our everyday life. In the good times as well as the hard times of trial. Our choices to serve and sacrifice for others, bring us all those things we are seeking from the Lord ourselves, whether its forgiveness, comfort, peace, strength, healing, hope, or love.

I am so grateful for the power of the atonement and the saving gift that it is. I know that I cannot become whole and perfect on my own. I need Him. I need His love and forgiveness. I need His grace and hope. I need His strength and peace. I need to be His hands as well.


2 Responses to “Applying the Atonement”

  1. 1 Jodie September 25, 2013 at 7:33 am

    I absolutely love this and agree 100%! The atonement has always been a huge blessing for me to be able to understand and apply in my life. I am so happy that you were able to put this into words so others may understand it better as well. LOVE LOVE!

  2. 2 Kathleen Allen Everts September 25, 2013 at 9:11 am

    I love this too! You definitely got my brains, because your dad still has his.

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