Gratitude is a Choice

I read the first article in this month’s Ensign, “The Choice to Be Grateful” by President Henry B. Eyring. For one of my Celestial University goals I am reading several articles from the Ensign and writing a few ideas or thoughts that I gain from reading them. One of the things that I get from this article is that I need to be more aware of the things I have, even the little things, so that I do not take them for granted. I would hate not to appreciate them until they are gone. This is something I learned a little more about during this summer. I had four months without my husband with me, and although I didn’t take him completely for granted, I realized just how much I needed to show him I loved him each and every day. I hope that I can be more open to recognizing all the countless blessings that the Lord gives me each day.

The second idea is that I need to write or vocalize my gratitude more often. It would help me to write the things I am grateful for down more often, because then I can reflect on them time and time again. It would be better for me to show my gratitude for others as well, most especially for my Father in Heaven. Being more vocal about the things I am thankful for in my prayers, will help me to realize just how much He loves me and it will help me to rededicate myself to His will. Being grateful and expressing that gratitude will help me to be a more happy and joyful person.


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