Why Have Faith in Jesus Christ?

In the gospel, we are taught that we must have faith in Jesus Christ. In Hebrews there is a list of things that we are taught about Christ.

  • He speaks for God, who is His father and brought Him into the world.
  • Jesus Christ is the heir of all things.
  • Jesus Christ made the worlds, the earth and heavens, and is set above all other creations. He reigns over all of us.
  • Jesus Christ has the same brightness in glory as God, the Father, and is in His image. This glory is greater than Moses.
  • Jesus Christ does all things with the power of God.
  • Jesus Christ purifies us of our sins, because he reconciled all of them.
  • Jesus Christ sits on the right hand of God.
  • Jesus Christ was crowned with Glory and His throne is eternally righteous.
  • Jesus Christ loves righteousness and hates iniquity.
  • Jesus Christ will remain forever, unchanging, even after his creations pass away and are changed.
  • Christ is the key to our salvation and he tasted death for all men. He made intersession for us (made the sacrifice on our behalf).
  • Jesus Christ’s followers in His life, had a witness of the spirit that he was the Savior.
  • Jesus Christ is our brother.
  • Jesus Christ was tempted and knows how to help the tempted.
  • Jesus Christ was called of God to be the leader of us all. He did not take that responsibility on himself without the help from His Father.
  • Jesus Christ is The Apostle and High Priest of the Church.
  • Jesus Christ has always been faithful to God.
  • Those who rebel against the truth of the covenants they make with God, crucify Jesus Christ again and mock the sacrifice He made.
  • The priesthood of Jesus Christ is an eternal and unchanging priesthood.
  • Jesus Christ is holy, harmless, undefiled, and separate from those who sin.
  • Jesus Christ’s perfection in the oath of the priesthood, consecrates Him eternally.
  • Because Jesus Christ is all of these things, and there are several witnesses and testimonies that these things are true, He is the one thing that we should put our faith in to return to God again. He is truly the way. Without faith in Him, we cannot use his sacrifice and atonement in our lives, and therefore we cannot be forgiven of our sins and must pay for them after this life. Our sins will keep us from the blessings of eternal life and exaltation.


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