The Articles of Faith

What are the Articles of Faith? The gospel of Jesus Christ is one of those things in life, that has very simple concepts, but if you look closer, you will find there are countless deeper concepts to be learned as well. The Articles of Faith simply explain the basic concepts of the gospel that we believe as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Before we can get to the real meat of the gospel, we must first understand the basic principles of belief. They only touch on some of the beliefs, but I think they are the ones that tell most about the things we believe.

A friend asked a man named John Wentworth, and editor of a newspaper, to find out about the history of the mormon church and what the members believed, which was to be included in a history of the state of New Hampshire. Mister Wentworth went to Joseph Smith and asked for this information. In response Joseph wrote the Wentworth Letter, which included an account of the restoration a lot like that found in Joseph Smith-History, a description of how the Book of Mormon came to be, the establishment and growth of the church, and the Articles of Faith. He wrote them to let people outside of the church, know of our basic beliefs and what may be different about us from other churches. As far as I know, these were never published for Mister Wentworth or his friend, but they were published for the church and have been included as scripture for over a hundred years.

I think that all members of the LDS church would benefit from memorizing these 13 statements of our beliefs. Several Years ago, a talk was given by President Monson, in which he shared a story about a man he once worked with. This man had told him how he gained his testimony. He said that he was on a long road trip across the United States, and that a little primary-aged girl got on the bus in Salt Lake City, Utah, and sat next to him. He made some conversation with her that had to do with a lot of people in Utah being mormon and she said that she was. He asked her what they believed and she shared all the articles of faith with him and what they meant to her. Because of this little girl, the first thing he did when he reached his destination, was ask for missionaries to come to his home and teach him more about the gospel. He was baptized, along with all of his family. This story struck me deeply, and I made a decision then that when my children were young, we would work together as a family to memorize the articles of faith so that we could share them with others. We have been working on them pretty consistently for a long time now, and most of our family is able to recite 12 of the 13 articles of faith easily, with one more to learn.

Learning the articles of faith does more than just give us a missionary tool. When we learn and even more, study these articles, our testimony is strengthened. Every time I have the opportunity to explain to my children why we believe these things, I am confirming to myself that I know these things are true. It is so important to have a strong foundation in our beliefs, so that we can build upon it and grow in our knowledge of the gospel.

NOTE: I will be writing about each of the 13 articles in the upcoming posts.


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