More on the Teachings of Paul

I know that we are all sinners. We cannot be with God if we are unpure because of sin. If we do not repent or become justified (made righteous in the sight of God) through the redemption of Jesus Christ, we will remain in our sins at the last day. We are justified through our faith. Or rather we are forgiven of our sins when we act in faith and repent. The atonement has made this possible to all mankind.

I know that simply going through the motions of partaking of the sacrament does not bring us a renewal of our covenants that we made at baptism. It is the faith we act in repentance of the things we have done wrong, which allow our partaking of the sacrament to work as a renewal of those covenants. We will not grow in our testimony or in knowledge if we live the law without faith in Christ and His gospel.

I know that there is no value to sin when their is no law. The commandments clarify what is sin. Once we know the commandments we are held accountable for any sins against that commandment. If we do not have a commandment for something, we cannot sin against it. Therefore, there is no judgement held against us for that things and we have no need to be justified for it.


I know that baptism, after the pattern of the Savior, is like putting the natural man within us to rest and rising again as a new person who has made a covenant and promise to live a righteous life. We are able to start fresh and focus our lives on God’s will for us.

I know that I am a child of God and I have the ability to progress to become more like Him. I know that if I am doing the things that are right, that my trials and adversity will be for my benefit and learning. If, however, I am knowingly committing sin, my trials will not have the benefit until I have changed my ways. If we are righteous, we will continue to turn to Christ and feel his love and support through any difficult times that come our way.

I know that missionary work is so important to the salvation of all the children of God. Without missionary work, those who are accepting are not able to hear the gospel. Without hearing the gospel, they cannot choose if they will believe it or not. Without believing it, they cannot fully repent of the things they do wrong or make a change of heart. Without repentance they cannot be baptized. Without baptism they cannot be saved in the kingdom of God. I am so grateful for missionaries and for the opportunity that I have to share my own testimony with you out there in the world and do my own little piece of the Lord’s missionary work.

Here are some of the things I know I need to work on being, in order to become like Jesus Christ and return to live with Him and our Father in Heaven some day (according to a scripture chain for the qualities of a Saint):

  • Be worthy and dedicated to your callings
  • Be submissive, lowly and meek – humble, quiet and gentle
  • Be patient and enduring well through difficulties and trials
  • Be restrained in our emotions to others – temper your emotions
  • Be loving and charitable
  • Be unified in the Spirit
  • Be peaceful
  • Be refined, courteous, and polite
  • Be faithful
  • Be honest in your feelings and love others
  • Be disgusted by evil and cling to those things that are good
  • Be kind and affectionate
  • Be respectful of others
  • Be a good worker, diligent, active, productive, and involved
  • Be passionate in spiritual things
  • Be hopeful
  • Be patient through adversity – be a thriver
  • Be prayerful and fast
  • Be generous and giving, especially to those in need, and even to those who are our enemies
  • Be hospitable and welcoming
  • Be forgiving of those who do you wrong, pray for them, bless them, and do not try to get back at them
  • Be happy for others when things go well for them
  • Be there for those who are suffering
  • Be thoughtful of those who have less
  • Be smart, knowledgable, and wise
  • Be real, genuine, and modest in your knowledge
  • Be honest in all things at all times
  • Be righteous and overcome evil with good
  • Be open to the promptings of the spirit and follow them
  • Be a partaker of the atonement, through repentance and a change of heart
  • Be better than what comes naturally
  • Be dedicated to the work of the Lord and willing to submit yourself to His will – consecrate and sanctify yourself
  • Be virtuous, clean and pure
  • Be a member of God’s church and attend your meetings
  • Be organized and prepared
  • Be a teacher of all that is good, especially the gospel – testify to others and preach repentance when appropriate
  • Be like God
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