Thinking About the Teachings of Paul

I know that in order to have true happiness, we must put God above all other things. It is difficult at times, to avoid getting caught up in things of the world. Sometimes we have really good priorities, or we are focused on really doing good things for others, but as soon as that things becomes more important that following the commandments or doing the things that God would have us do, we have given that thing place above God. I know that we may not be what is biblically seen as an idolatrous people, but really we slip into idolatry all the time.

I know that in putting God first, we are more prepared to do the will of God. I believe that we have the ability to have personal revelation for our lives and for those who we have stewardship over. I know that I can hear the promptings of the spirit much better, when I do not have the distractions of the world taking priority in my heart and mind. I am so glad that I have been able to feel the promptings of the spirit in my own life. I know that the blessings that come from following these promptings are faith-building and amazing.

I think that these worldly distractions are one step away from removing ourselves from following the gospel. Our own apostasy cannot be blamed on anyone else but ourselves, and we cannot overcome it by any other means than repentance and changing our own heart to be more like our Savior. We can guard against apostasy by being aware of the things that are temptations for us, by not being easily offended, and by focusing on building our testimony and sharing it with others. We can share our testimony through our words as well as through the kind things that we do for others.

I am grateful for the consistency of the gospel. That is a rock that I can depend on remaining the same no matter where I go. Because I know this, I can more easily recognize things that are designed to lead me astray. I have seen how the gospel can unify us and bring us together in peace and love. I am so grateful for the influence that it has in my life. I am grateful for righteous leaders who give me reminders of things that may need changing in my life. I love the opportunity to improve and be a better person. I am so glad that I have had humbling experiences, which have reminded me of the larger picture and how I fit in it.


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