D&C Section 133 (Part 1)

The Elders of the church wanted to know more about preaching the Gospel and the gathering of Israel and the saints. The prophet, Joseph Smith, asked the Lord about these things, and received this revelation for the saints. This section was considered to be an appendix or a further explanation of what was contained in the Book of Commandments (later called the Doctrine and Covenants). It was later added as a section of the book.

1 Hearken, O ye people of my church, saith the Lord your God, and hear the word of the Lord concerning you—
2 The Lord who shall suddenly come to his temple; the Lord who shall come down upon the world with a curse to judgment; yea, upon all the nations that forget God, and upon all the ungodly among you.
3 For he shall make bare his holy arm in the eyes of all the nations, and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of their God.
4 Wherefore, prepare ye, prepare ye, O my people; sanctify yourselves; gather ye together, O ye people of my church, upon the land of Zion, all you that have not been commanded to tarry.
5 Go ye out from Babylon. Be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord.
6 Call your solemn assemblies, and speak often one to another. And let every man call upon the name of the Lord.

The first thing that I get from these verses, is that this book of scripture is for all the saints of the world and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I would go even further and say that it is written for all those who wish to be disciples of Jesus Christ, because these are his words as they were revealed to a modern day prophet of God. This is a companion to the Bible and Book of Mormon, and will help the faithful to prepare for the Second Coming and judgment of mankind. The Lord will come as he has before, and he will visit the most righteous in His temple. Then, He will appear to all for the judgment of the wicked and unprepared. In preparation, we need to live more righteously, gather together as brothers and sisters in the gospel, meet together often and pray always. We also need to leave the places and things that will lead us to wickedness, so that we can be clean and pure. I think that most of all, we are prepared when we know the Savior as best as we can. If we seek to know Him, we will live in a way that is worthy to recognize Him and be ready to serve Him.

7 Yea, verily I say unto you again, the time has come when the voice of the Lord is unto you: Go ye out of Babylon; gather ye out from among the nations, from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.
8 Send forth the elders of my church unto the nations which are afar off; unto the islands of the sea; send forth unto foreign lands; call upon all nations, first upon the Gentiles, and then upon the Jews.
9 And behold, and lo, this shall be their cry, and the voice of the Lord unto all people: Go ye forth unto the land of Zion, that the borders of my people may be enlarged, and that her stakes may be strengthened, and that Zion may go forth unto the regions round about.
10 Yea, let the cry go forth among all people: Awake and arise and go forth to meet the Bridegroom; behold and lo, the Bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. Prepare yourselves for the great day of the Lord.
11 Watch, therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour.
12 Let them, therefore, who are among the Gentiles flee unto Zion.
13 And let them who be of Judah flee unto Jerusalem, unto the mountains of the Lord’s house.
14 Go ye out from among the nations, even from Babylon, from the midst of wickedness, which is spiritual Babylon.
15 But verily, thus saith the Lord, let not your flight be in haste, but let all things be prepared before you; and he that goeth, let him not look back lest sudden destruction shall come upon him.
16 Hearken and hear, O ye inhabitants of the earth. Listen, ye elders of my church together, and hear the voice of the Lord; for he calleth upon all men, and he commandeth all men everywhere to repent.

The Lord tells the church to continue in missionary work worldwide. We need to call upon the nations to allow the missionaries to teach them. We also need to gather the faithful together. Now the church has grown substantially, and we are able to gather together in numbers all over the world. There are many stakes of Zion, which are being strengthened and prepared for the coming of the Lord. We need to prepare ourselves to share the gospel with all people in every nation and land of the world.

As in the parable of the ten virgins, we need to be faithful in our personal preparation and help others to become prepared themselves. There will come a time, when we will not be able to help them any longer, because the Savior will come again and we will need to be fully prepared to meet Him. Our preparation is needed in every moment of every day, because we do not know when the second coming will happen. We have been given signs of the time to look towards, but our preparation must be a priority or we will not know how to be prepared when the time does come.

Also, there is reference here to the scripture story of Lot, who was instructed to leave Babylon and not look back. We must be willing to leave all that is wickedness, never to turn back towards it. If we leave wickedness and make sacred covenants with God, and then we decided to turn back, knowing the gospel truths, we will bring our own destruction upon us. We cannot allow ourselves to have desires for the worldly things that we leave behind.

I find it important to recognize that in the section, the Lord tells us first to prepare ourselves for the second coming, and then to go out to the world and teach all others to be prepared. We cannot help to save other souls, until we have started the work on our own. Likewise, we cannot wait for our own hearts to be fully prepared before we teach others, because we will not be fully prepared without them, and that preparation will take time and most likely our whole lives to come. I am grateful for the knowledge that the Lord understands that we cannot run faster than we are able. We start with out own little testimony, then we share what we know to be truth, and greater understanding will be given to us through the power of the Holy Spirit. The pattern of our growth and our ability to share with others, is an amazing thing to ponder about.

17 For behold, the Lord God hath sent forth the angel crying through the midst of heaven, saying: Prepare ye the way of the Lord, and make his paths straight, for the hour of his coming is nigh—
18 When the Lamb shall stand upon Mount Zion, and with him a hundred and forty-four thousand, having his Father’s name written on their foreheads.
19 Wherefore, prepare ye for the coming of the Bridegroom; go ye, go ye out to meet him.
20 For behold, he shall stand upon the mount of Olivet, and upon the mighty ocean, even the great deep, and upon the islands of the sea, and upon the land of Zion.
21 And he shall utter his voice out of Zion, and he shall speak from Jerusalem, and his voice shall be heard among all people;
22 And it shall be a voice as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder, which shall break down the mountains, and the valleys shall not be found.
23 He shall command the great deep, and it shall be driven back into the north countries, and the islands shall become one land;
24 And the land of Jerusalem and the land of Zion shall be turned back into their own place, and the earth shall be like as it was in the days before it was divided.
25 And the Lord, even the Savior, shall stand in the midst of his people, and shall reign over all flesh.
26 And they who are in the north countries shall come in remembrance before the Lord; and their prophets shall hear his voice, and shall no longer stay themselves; and they shall smite the rocks, and the ice shall flow down at their presence.
27 And an highway shall be cast up in the midst of the great deep.
28 Their enemies shall become a prey unto them,
29 And in the barren deserts there shall come forth pools of living water; and the parched ground shall no longer be a thirsty land.
30 And they shall bring forth their rich treasures unto the children of Ephraim, my servants.
31 And the boundaries of the everlasting hills shall tremble at their presence.
32 And there shall they fall down and be crowned with glory, even in Zion, by the hands of the servants of the Lord, even the children of Ephraim.
33 And they shall be filled with songs of everlasting joy.
34 Behold, this is the blessing of the everlasting God upon the tribes of Israel, and the richer blessing upon the head of Ephraim and his fellows.
35 And they also of the tribe of Judah, after their pain, shall be sanctified in holiness before the Lord, to dwell in his presence day and night, forever and ever.

The restoration of the gospel was brought about by angels of the Lord. We have been given the words of ancient prophets in the Book of Mormon, and we can learn from the scriptures the fullness of the gospel. The priesthood power and authority has been restored to the earth and prophets of God have been called to tell us the word of the Lord.

When the Lord comes again, all people will know that He is Christ. The Savior will visit different parts of the world, including New Jerusalem and Jerusalem of old, and eventually, all will know who He is. The land will literally come back together to be one land. I remember learning about how science explains the division of the land (the continental drift), and it shows here that those who believe in this are correct. The lands were once whole and as Christ will make all things whole, the land will become whole again and will no longer be divided. Christ will reign over all people. Then the tribes of Israel will be gathered and able to receive their inheritance of the promised land and of glory in Zion.

This section will be continued.


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