D&C Section 110

In April of 1836, the prophet, Joseph Smith, and Oliver Cowdery received this vision after the saints had partaken of the sacrament and heard preaching from the brethren of the church. They were in the temple, where church meetings were held at the time, and I think that the rest of the saints had left for the day at this time. Joseph and Oliver knelt in prayer and afterwards this was what they both witnessed.

1 The veil was taken from our minds, and the eyes of our understanding were opened.
2 We saw the Lord standing upon the breastwork of the pulpit, before us; and under his feet was a paved work of pure gold, in color like amber.
3 His eyes were as a flame of fire; the hair of his head was white like the pure snow; his countenance shone above the brightness of the sun; and his voice was as the sound of the rushing of great waters, even the voice of Jehovah, saying:
4 I am the first and the last; I am he who liveth, I am he who was slain; I am your advocate with the Father.
5 Behold, your sins are forgiven you; you are clean before me; therefore, lift up your heads and rejoice.
6 Let the hearts of your brethren rejoice, and let the hearts of all my people rejoice, who have, with their might, built this house to my name.
7 For behold, I have accepted this house, and my name shall be here; and I will manifest myself to my people in mercy in this house.
8 Yea, I will appear unto my servants, and speak unto them with mine own voice, if my people will keep my commandments, and do not pollute this holy house.
9 Yea the hearts of thousands and tens of thousands shall greatly rejoice in consequence of the blessings which shall be poured out, and the endowment with which my servants have been endowed in this house.
10 And the fame of this house shall spread to foreign lands; and this is the beginning of the blessing which shall be poured out upon the heads of my people. Even so. Amen.

The Lord appeared to the prophet and Oliver Cowdery in the temple. This description of the Savior, is much like the previous descriptions that were given by the prophets, such as the description found in the first vision (See Joseph Smith-History), and the description found in Revelations (See Revelation 1). I think that this is the closest description that we as mortals could understand, but it probably comes no where near the actual brilliance of the Lord. I find that when I read these things, I become greatly excited within me for the day when I will be able to be a witness of Him in the flesh.

The prophet and Oliver were blessed with forgiveness for their sins. The Lord accepted the temple that the saints had built and dedicated to Him. I know that the reason the temple was accepted, was because it was done just as the Lord has required. Not only was it built to His design and for his purposes, but the saints had proven that they would sacrifice all that they had for it and would put it as their first priority over all other things. I wonder if I would be that strong and truly sacrifice the things that I have come to believe I need, even when I probably don’t need them.

Oliver and Joseph, were told that He, the Lord, would show himself to those who served in the temple, if they kept the temple holy with their righteousness and their works. The Kirtland temple, was just the beginning of the many temples that have now been built all over the world. With the building of the temple, many people have received the blessings of endowments from the Lord and have made sacred covenants as well. Because of the building of the Kirtland temple, the ordinances of God were revealed to men, and we are able to be blessed by them today.

11 After this vision closed, the heavens were again opened unto us; and Moses appeared before us, and committed unto us the keys of the gathering of Israel from the four parts of the earth, and the leading of the ten tribes from the land of the north.
12 After this, Elias appeared, and committed the dispensation of the gospel of Abraham, saying that in us and our seed all generations after us should be blessed.

Moses and Elias came to them, and restored the keys of the gathering of Israel, and the gospel of Abraham. This is the day, when the gathering officially began, because the proper authority of God had been restored to the earth once more. I believe that the day will come, when all of the tribes of Israel, will be gathered once more. It really is such an exciting era of man to live, in which all things are being restored to their proper place and eventually the second coming of the Savior will happen. Elias is what one is called who is sent by God to restore or prepare (see Elias in the Bible Dictionary). According to the manual I am studying, this Elias is Gabriel, also known as Noah. This is not told in the Bible Dictionary, but from a quote by President Joseph Feilding Smith. The gospel of Abraham that was restored, was the blessings and promises that were given to Abraham, that his seed should continue. The footnote references the Abrahamic Covenant, which also talks about an eternal increase, promised lands, and eternal inheritances. If we are faithful, the blessings that were promised to Abraham, can be ours. This is through the power of the priesthood and the keys that were restored on that day in the Kirtland temple.

13 After this vision had closed, another great and glorious vision burst upon us; for Elijah the prophet, who was taken to heaven without tasting death, stood before us, and said:
14 Behold, the time has fully come, which was spoken of by the mouth of Malachi—testifying that he [Elijah] should be sent, before the great and dreadful day of the Lord come—
15 To turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the children to the fathers, lest the whole earth be smitten with a curse—
16 Therefore, the keys of this dispensation are committed into your hands; and by this ye may know that the great and dreadful day of the Lord is near, even at the doors.

Elijah appeared to them and restored keys to the prophet and Oliver. In the footnotes, it says that the keys were those of the sealing power. From this point on, saints could be sealed to their loved ones for eternity. With these keys, all people who have ever lived have the opportunity to receive all the ordinances and covenants, including being sealed to their loved ones. This happens through the proxy work that is done for the dead, within the temples. It is the responsibility of worthy saints, who are able to do service in the temple, to do this work. It is a great work, and will continue through the time of the Millennium. The restoration of these keys was prophesied to happen close to happen before the second coming (see Malchi 4:5). In this vision in 1836, Elijah said that the second coming, which is the great and dreadful day of the Lord, is “at the doors”. This should teach us the urgency of the work and the importance of our own preparation.

This vision was such an important part of the restoration of the gospel. The blessings that we can have because of the priesthood keys which were restored, are absolutely amazing. I know that we cannot even begin to understand the value of these things because we are not currently in the eternities, but I believe that they are great. I am so grateful for Joseph Smith. I am so glad that he was worthy enough to receive these things for us. I am grateful for a loving Father in Heaven, who wants all of His children to have the opportunity to live with Him again some day. I have hope in this gospel truth and I am so excited to be a part of this gospel and this great work.


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